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We create an attractive, responsive and tailored web site. When starting work, we try to get the most relevant information that will allow us to tailor the project to the needs of the client.

Thanks to the attention to details during each stage of implementation, we achieve the intended effect and customer satisfaction, and upon completion we do not leave the customer alone with the product and we help with the first steps, and service in case of problems or need to expand the site.

12-month Wwarranty

Each site is warranted and, if there are any problems, it will be free of charge.

Simple agreement

Before commencing work, we sign a contract specifying terms of cooperation and deadlines.


We are a legally operating company and we issue VAT invoices for all services.

Stages of implementation

Each web site is implemented in several stages.
Such a division allows you to focus on specific, closely related issues and thoroughly refine them before moving on to the next stage.

Graphic design

Based on the guidelines and the brief, we create a graphic design page, and make suggestions for improvements.


The graphic design is implemented into the WordPress content management system along with the necessary features.

Content filling

The page is complemented by the content provided and checked for correct operation.


The site is publishing on the server under the specified domain.



Every website we create is tailored to mobile devices with particular care for proper display at every resolution.


Content Management System

We create the most popular and easy-to-use content management system for WordPress, which offers a multitude of features for simple content management, seamless site development, additional features such as storefront, reservation systems, content management modules, and much more.


Ease of use

WordPress is kid-friendly and very intuitive.

Add and edit content

You can easily update your contact information, add new pages and news.

Plugins and expansion

With thousands of additional plug-ins, you can easily expand your site in the future with additional features without having to create a new site.

See selected projects

We have done dozens of projects, and a few selected can be seen below.

Contact us

We will be pleased to provide you with a detailed offer, answer any questions you have and raise your concerns.