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WWW Care

For a CMS based WordPress site to run smoothly and securely, you need to perform system updates and plugins, provide security updates, and take regular backups of your site.

Below are the site care packages along with the specific services included in the individual packages as well as the frequency and number of services performed within the package.

The most important benefits of caring for website

  • protection against attacks and viruses
  • back up the page, and in case of problems with the restore operation before the failure
  • WordPress updates and plugins
  • additional help beyond the services listed in the package









Page backup1 in a month2 a weekdaily
Back up to an external  server
Number of backups followed by overwriting old ones 2 4 7
Restore page from backup
Number of working hours for work outside the package (content editing, programming work)124
Virus protection
Additional security features of the administration panel
Visitor Statistics
(+ Optional Google Analytics Plugin)
Plugins updates   
WordPress Updates   
Frequency of checking for WordPress updates and plugins1 in a month1 per weekdaily
Website availability monitoring. In case of inaccessibility automatic information on the mail   
Min. duration of the contract1 month 1 month 1 month